Telehealth: Is It A Fitness or Medical Wearable?

Our healthcare delivery is a rising concern in the United States as it affects everyone: our aging parents, your obese uncle or diabetic sister and even you.

Think about it — We are all aging with varying degrees of wellness. Some of our bodies age more gracefully than others, but as our bodies’ function declines our concern for mobility and living a life of continued independence become a priority. 80% of the elderly population have 2 or more chronic diseases and these are expensive yet treatable diseases that can be managed. Preventing the development of chronic conditions in the elderly could be the only way to improve life expectancy; perhaps new developments in the wearable sensor industry can address some of these issues by monitoring behaviors that might lead to diseases before health deteriorates.

Fortunately, with the rise of mobile technology, growing networks (Cloud platforms), and new computer technologies (Apps) we are seeing the mainstreaming of telemetry used as wearables today. The rise of smartphones with technologies such as 3G and 4G networks will further promote the adoption of mobile devices in most sectors, but with the most benefit, in the healthcare delivery system. The rise of telemedicine to monitor and manage chronic conditions can help reduce geographic barriers, cost of travel and time (from in-hospital to home consultations) and has the potential to offer seamless support and care to patients according to AlliedMarketResearch.


Infographic: Nearly 1 in 5 U.S. Adults Plan to Buy Wearable Tech  | Statista

According to Statista, 1 out of 5 adults in the U.S. plan to buy a wearable tech this year.

At CES 2014 last year, Scott Stein of CNET differentiated wearables into three categories: Notifiers, Trackers and Glasses.

We see many products which define the quantified-self movement — that which track our steps, monitor our heart rate and displays/share with our social networks — but what distinguishes a wearable as a medical device? This topic was this month’s discussion at the Activity Sensor & Personal Analytics Meet-Up held at Audience in Mountain View, CA. Gene Leybzon led the discussion and stated that medical wearables purpose is for diagnosis and treatment — and must pass a labyrinthine of regulatory and legal processes such as FDA and HIPAA. A fitness wearable does not have to pass the stringent regulatory tests and only needs to be informational and educational to the user. This user saturated market in fitness wearables (i.e. FitBit heart heart monitor, Nike FuelBand, Garmin & Polar speed tracker/pedometer, Spree body temperature tracker) may not be used for diagnostic purposes, but may be extremely helpful as it leads the path for medical wearables .

Proteus discussed the future release of an ingestible sensor that would integrate with medication allowing physicians to monitor compliance from a remote location. This is important for patients with diseases of the central nervous system (including multiple sclerosis, Huntington’s, schizophrenia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s), heart failure and possibly organ transplant patients. This innovation would track sustained patient compliance and provide assurance that medications are being taken in a timely manner for presiding physicians or caregivers and family loved ones.


  We also looked at a product called AliveCor, a heart rate monitor that detects atrial fibrillation.



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SV Forum, Tech Women: Women In Space

SV Forum is devoted to creating connections and providing education to the Silicon Valley ecosystem of innovators, entrepreneurs, and business professionals participating in emerging technologies.

Created SV Forum Tech Women Facebook Page

Created SV Forum Tech Women Facebook Page


As the Director of Marketing for SV Forum Tech Women, I knew we could extend our reach and interest with new and current members by using Facebook as our platform, but I wanted to do something more.

I wanted to show our ‘friends’ on our page what a fun, dynamic and diverse group of technical women we are in Silicon Valley while also showing a bit of our smart panel discussions.




I produced and edited this video (including photography) for the SV Forum Tech Women event, Women In Space featuring panelists Celeste Volz Ford, Founder/Chief Executive Officer Stellar Solutions, Darlene Lim, Geobiologist, NASA Ames Research Center, and Khaki Rodway, Director- Payload Sales & Operations, XCor. Irene Koehler, Almost Savvy was moderator.


We thank Apigee for being our gracious host this month.



The SV Forum Tech Women video was embedded in Facebook (not from the YouTube url). The result is better since there’s an auto playback feature and the preview image is present.


  • SV Forum Tech Women encourages women–and men who support the advancement of women!–in tech and engineering fields, helping to create an environment of empowerment in which women and girls can achieve results beyond their wildest expectations. Please feel free to contact me to learn more about Tech Women and SVForum and how you can join us!


Post Ride Elbow Pain

Rough RoadRough road ahead.

Riding longer distances have been great fun on the weekends, but what I didn’t expect was having sharp elbow pain radiating out to my right hand; my three fingers (pinky, ring and middle fingers) were tingly and I know what nerve compression feels like because I’ve experience Carpal Tunnel before as a dental hygienist. I’ve had to reduce my hours of work, change my sleeping habits (I slept with wrists cocked downwards) and stopped windsurfing. I wanted to avoid surgery.

This particular pain feels different and it didn’t immediately appear during last Saturday’s ride, but after that jarring route through the farm lands I must have held my grip too tightly causing nerve compression. What could be causing this besides griping my handlebar too tightly? I am varying my hand positions but I’ve never had this elbow pain before.

Ulnar painSo, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, this Cubital Tunnel Syndrome can be caused by “repetitive or prolonged activities that require the elbow to be bent or flexed”.


I will try my best to rest and not ride my bike or bend my right arm, although it is difficult not to use the computer or mobile phone.

mummificationI am joking about this above image being a cure. Just a desperate attempt to help relieve some pain so I may ride this coming weekend. In the meanwhile, I hope you’ll leave a message and tell me what your rough experiences have been when riding long distances.






205K RUSA Permanent #1337 – Carmel Cruise

Carmel Cruise RUSA Permanent #1337 205K

Carmel Cruise RUSA Permanent #1337 205K

Completed the RUSA permanent #1337 Carmel Cruise on Saturday. Originally a planned 127 miles route but due to getting lost and adding a few miles to grab some food our adventure ended with a total of 129 miles and 6,300′ elevation.
Our ride started early, the first control point was the Scotts Valley Safeway at 7AM.

The ride started with a early morning chilly descent and I decided to wear only my vest and arm warmers knowing that the hills would keep me fairly warm. Once again, as my last 200k brevet, I forgot how chilly and windy it is by the ocean and so, once again, I will consider purchasing a light compact windbreaker.

Santa Cruz Bay

We descended down Glen Canyon Rd, sections of this road are washed out and becomes a single lane. Santa Cruz and Capitola were my old high school summer weekend haunts so it felt a bit nostalgic to be riding through there.


At the town of Aptos we rode a sectioned Beach Drive we rode down to Seacliff State Beach thinking we were going to ride along the beach but we made a mistake and had to turn back and take the high road and ride up Rio Del Mar hill (6.9% avg grade says Strava).

Our first mistake of the ride.

Could you blame us for being lost? Which road would you prefer to take, the Rio del Mar 7% grade or the flat Beach Drive?

Not so bad– in fact, most of the ride was very pleasant and scenic with panoramic ocean views.

As you enter Monterey most of the route was on the bike path — I will get back to the farm roads later. As you near the Cannery Row there are murals with characters possibly depicted from John Steinbeck featured novels (Trivia! Which famous actor featured in two of Steinbeck’s novels in 50’s?). The bike and pedestrian shared path becomes crowded with snorkels, visitors for the Monterey Bay Aquarium and various restaurants so we had to slow down and enjoy the stop and go along the path.

As we headed toward Carmel, enjoying the sights of Pacific Grove, on the opposite side of the street we saw a speedy tandem approaching. I was impressed by their coordination and smiled as we passed but a few beats later I heard my name called out!


We turned around and it was none other than fellow #BCC Ian Prowell and lovely stoker Cheryl Prowell!

Ian and Cheryl Prowell on their beautiful Calfee Tetra tandem

Ian and Cheryl Prowell on their beautiful Calfee Tetra tandem

We couldn’t be more surprised with the coincidence of meeting on the road and being far from home. We’ve chatted several times on Google+ but never met in real life. How incredibly cool is that! Take a look at Strava’s absolutely cool new feature called PlayBack. It will give you an animated flyby glance of your route as well as others who are roughly in the same area at the same time! Unexpected_G+_HIRL_from_Strava


CarmelChris and I continued on our way to Carmel’s famous 17 Mile Drive where the famous Pebble Beach, Cypress and Spyglass golf courses are but not being golf fans we didn’t feel the need to stop.

Here's my Yelp review:

Here’s my Yelp review of Island Taco:

The nice thing about not driving is that we didn’t have to pay an entry fee to ride through the 17 Mile Drive. As we descended into Carmel we went to the next open control point. We decided to go to the Crossroads Shopping Center and find some place to sit down, eat while watching our bikes. We found Island Taco; it wasn’t bad but for one burrito and a small fish taco with 2 sodas the total was 21 dollars! Gulp~ yeah, a little pricey but it serves as a motivator for me to start creating my own randonneur portable (aka the Allen Lim rice cake) lunches.

Rough RoadThis route was beautiful so I don’t want to discourage anyone from riding it but I would give the warning that the roads in the farm areas are scenic but very rough, I felt exhausted from absorbing all the road vibration in the back of my arms, and hands.

Coming back from the strawberry and artichoke fields and back to Santa Cruz was tiring. The combination of traffic, rough road and winds began to wear me down & I needed a mental break.We found a Quiznos sandwich shop and shared a half sub and soda and felt better. All that was left was the climb back.farmland Climbing out of Glen Canyon wasn’t difficult in % grade but at this point I just wanted this ride to be over and was getting hungry. My forearms and fingers were getting numb and I also noticed my right baby toe was getting numb too — how odd is that?

We finally reached Safeway again, our final control point. While Chris purchased water for our recovery drinks (powder was prepared earlier and waiting in the car!) I bought my favorite salty potato chips! I love the feeling of removing cycling shoes and replacing them with sneakers; I love the taste and the crunch of chips on the drive home after a long ride!

Randonneurs have to travel with brevet cards where date/time/location are documented as proof of arrival.

Randonneurs have to travel with brevet cards where date/time/location are documented as proof of arrival.

Tech Eye Wear for Fashion, Sport and Future Integration

Google Creating Scarcity:

Today (April 15; Tax Day!) a limited number of Google’s smart glasses will be available for purchase but only for U.S. residents. That’s right, only today you can buy these lovely stylish glasses for a mere $1,500. and you don’t have to be one of Google’s chosen few in their ‘Explorer Program‘.

Google Glass

Google Glass. Fashion + Function.

On a humorous note, nothing says elitism more than these White Men Wearing Google Glass  as a Tumblr response to all the early adopters and made it as 45 Best Tumblr 2013. You see, previous purchasers of the Google Glasses had to have been referred by friends to purchase the glasses, and they tended to be developers and social media influencers. Google is aware of it’s “Glasshole” reputation of users who are misusing or not displaying social etiquette and have come up with their own guideline. I personally enjoyed reading Scott Biddle of ValleyWag humorous ‘Do’s & Don’t’ list for Glass Explorers that helps us poor souls from becoming  alienating socialpaths!


Will Samsung Differentiate Into the Sports Market?

Samsung's Heads-up Display

Samsung’s Heads-up Display


More manufacturers are entering the wearable market which helps propel the quantified-self movement where all one’s personal self-tracking data is stored and displayed for analysis.  Samsung has entered the heads-up display eye wear market along with their smart watches. It wouldn’t be surprising if (soon) the Samsung watches had microsensors on the back to collect heart rate / pulse and have that data displayed  on their glasses & watches or any other mobile device.  These patent eyewear images are described as having ear pieces for listening to music, but may also display auditory alerts while  exercising (perfect for adopting use with exercise apps such as RunKeeper).

The Cardo BK-1 headset is an excellent product

The Cardo BK-1 headset is an excellent product

I love the idea of having an ear piece to assist with situational awareness. As a road cyclist I constantly worry about safety; communicating the hazards on the road while riding with others is a very important part of cycling. Cyclists have developed hand signals to demonstrate potholes on broken asphalt, road barriers, open car doors and other potential hazards but also when riding as a group we will alert riders behind us of our actions (if we are slowing or stopping). The Cardo BK-1 headset isn’t part of my eye wear, it attaches to my helmet, but I can understand the great value Google Glass and Samsung sport glasses would have if they integrate an intercom unit to their ear piece. It seems, at least for now, the above wearables are going after a different market, but I enjoy the interception between fashion, sport and utility of a product. The function of the product must be comfortable and practical, but also have a decent price point in order for me to get excited and for mass market appeal.



Website | Content Marketing For Leaders And Companies

Websites are not online brochures, they should always be changing and evolving as your B2B market continues to shift. Listen to your sales team and allow them to guide your direction and work collaboratively. Let your website and microsites be your 24/7 representation of your company’s brand and culture.

Allow and trust your company’s culture to shine. Whether it be through text, images and video, the unique character of what makes your culture special is the reason why people will buy from you and not your competitors.   Inbound content marketing has a distinct advantage by attracting prospective customers through online thought-leadership (You are expert in your industry, let it come out).

I create and mange several company websites and develop content (including PowerPoint presentations embedded with video, email newsletters including embedded interviews of vendors and thought leadership).

  • Technical Skills: Wordpress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks
  • Video Production and Editing: Adobe Premiere, Camtasia





The (Not Quite) Petaluma Loop – 70 mile with 4,000′ elevation

I  decided to ride with the Western Wheelers (WW), a mid-Peninsula cycling club, and try their Long Distance Training (LDT) ride which meets each Saturday; this time they met at the Marin County Civic Center for a Petaluma ride which would accommodate all cyclists to choose different paces and appropriate distances and elevation gains. You can find all Western Wheeler rides posted here on their Meet-Up calendar. Most of the rides have a route sheet or gpx file posted on Ride With GPS, just look under keywords: Western Wheelers: This is convenient because you can download a sync a file into your Garmin and it will give you turn-by-turn directions and will let you know what the elevation profile looks like of your intended route (it’s good to be mentally prepared!).

WW LDT Petaluma 70 mile ride

Unfortunately I didn’t download WW’s pre-made route, as it turns out I didn’t need to because the ride leader decided to do something different, instead of riding up and back to Petaluma (avoiding hills because… well, that wouldn’t be much fun now would it!) our new route would go up Marshall Wall and ride on Shoreline Hwy, along Tomales Bay to Point Reyes Station and back.

WW_LDT_Petaluma elevation



The Overview of Content Strategy: How Do I Add VALUE

Before I begin any project we have to think about the specific audience you wish to appeal to and what value will this new information bring. I ask these questions to my clients because your customers are being bombarded by online messages constantly (though email, snail mail, television, social media platforms) and if the content is not useful, or is not relevant to their current needs your message will be lost, ignored or worse, you’ll be placed in their spam folder.

When creating content marketing strategy consider the following:

  1. Who is your target audience? What position are the decision makers? Is it B2B or B2C?
  2. What do your customers/audience want? What are their needs in the near future?
  3. What are their goals?
  4. How can we help them? What information can we share to help them come up with a solution.

Once we answer these preliminary questions we can figure out how to add value to their business and focus the best medium to use. Many corporate companies have been using white papers and case studies as examples for their customers on their websites, but the growth of on demand video and mobile video views have been increasing and social platform viewing of videos (such as on Facebook pages) and YouTube channels have been giving SEO boosts to company websites. The strength of storytelling using video not only establishes the customer as a thought leader but it helps convey several intangible things such as the company culture, the attitude of the company crew & executives, and values. People skills will add warmth and familiarity to any potential customer or buyer of a product and service. When people buy a product, they buy a brand, a culture, a lifestyle and it’s that promise that you are offering to them that will be conveyed in video.

Here’s an example of a project which we created to help educate our customers about the installation process while also demonstrating who are our customers.

 [Click to play “Scope of Work” video]

Video & Mobile Culture Is Here To Stay

As videos being post online has become a fast growing trend, Pew research states that the number of users who upload or post videos online has doubled in the past four years, “from 14% in 2009 to 31% today”. That means  video-sharing sites like Google’s YouTube have been the driving the popularity of online adults who download, upload and watch videos.

Videos on YouTube are helping celebrities such as Ellen DeGeneres  on how to select programming of her show.  DeGeneres and her producers at Warner Bros. have been mining the Internet to benefit popularity by social research. Not only does social media analytic help determine programming, but by quantifying  the popularity of viewership the television producers can glean who are their target (age/sex) audience  and monetize the next generation of Ellen fans using the advertising revenue with YouTube.  Seems that Ellen will  continue dancing for several more seasons by mining the numbers on all her social platforms.

Ellen Degeneres’ celebrity selfie took down Twitter with 3.3 billion impressions during the 86th Academy Awards.

As popularity of mobile continues to grow 23% of adults who post videos online do so using a mobile app such as Vine & Instagram.

The increasing popularity of social networking sites and the proliferation of cell phones have helped spur the growing online video culture.

Not surprising, the difference of age varies the content consumption;  yet of the the adult recording and creating video content themselves (18%) when posting their own videos online (58%), users most commonly share mundane things such as friends, family doing funny things (56%) and events they attend (54%). [Pew research, Oct 2013This would seem to suggest an excellent growth opportunity for those markets to utilize mobile and mobile apps for marketing events.