Who Is Lynne?

Creative Instigator | Digital Media Marketing Strategist

Hi, I’m Lynne.

With entrepreneurial drive and creative passion for Digital Media and Social Marketing Trends in the evolving digital landscape, I can help extend your reach.

I specialize in the following: Events, Digital Thought Leadership, Storytelling, Content Marketing Strategies, Project Manager Producing Media and Collateral for B2B & B2C Markets. I have strong interpersonal skills and I’m also good listener.

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Background: As a native San Franciscan I’ve always been proud to be from this culturally diverse and geographically rich area. After 10 years as a director of marketing and co-founder of a leading maritime software company located in Seattle, WA, a shift of tide has moved me back to the Bay Area; it sure feels great to be back home.

I have two bachelor of science degrees and I’m a graduate from the University of Washington’s Master of Communication Digital Media #CommLead with course emphasis on emerging digital trends, business development, narrative storytelling, interactive design.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Drive digital media marketing campaigns, develop and report strategic planning, maintain brand strategy related to sales.
  • Website Producer utilizing solid content strategy based on in-depth research created for customer education, digital communication to optimize sales support
  • Online video producer with brand emphasis for corporate online delivery presentations. Responsibilities include pre-production, storyboarding, interviewing customers and vendors on camera, editing and post-production and distribution
  • Conceptualization and production of digital online marketing and brand collateral for various verticals (email, direct marketing material, flyers, new campaign splash page on website, etc.)
  • Content strategy from inception through execution, including online advertising (Google Adwords), website strategy and design, social media, search engine marketing and optimization
  • Reporting and analysis on site traffic, social media activity, lead generation, and conversion rates
  • Analyze customer research, developed  buyers’ personas, current market conditions and competitor information to develop leading-edge message and cohesive communications strategies
    Drake's Bay 010

    Here’s a picture of me being still. 🙂


  • Writing, crafting, scheduling and posting blog and other digital content through various distribution channels (Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare, etc…)
  • Producer + Editor => Preditor    “Rawr!”
  • Event marketing: manage marketing budget, planning and event coordination of shows including negotiation with vendors for booth acquisition and related transportation details and costs


  • Proficient at using Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Outlook)
  • Proficient using graphic design, website, CMS, and video production software (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Premiere, iMovie, Screencast, Jing, WordPress, Google Analytics, Dreamweaver)
  • Video & audio production; Acquisition and curation of sources
  • Strong interviewing skill based on rapport, interpersonal relationship building skills with customers and vendors
  • Market research including keyword, search (SEO) and oversight of social media channels  and monitoring (Radian6, Facebook Insights, TweetDeck and various other tools)
  • Articulate, flexible and group collaborative thinker and presentation skills

Personal Interests:IMG_9342

  • Healthcare delivery & telemedicine:  Telehealth4Family
  • Anime/Gaming/Fitness Tumblr : Gadget-Geek Girl
  • Bicycling blog
  • SV Forum Tech Women & Marketing
  • Actvity Sensor, Personal Analytics
  • Oil painting, baking and learning to play the ukelele

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