Website | Content Marketing For Leaders And Companies

Websites are not online brochures, they should always be changing and evolving as your B2B market continues to shift. Listen to your sales team and allow them to guide your direction and work collaboratively. Let your website and microsites be your 24/7 representation of your company’s brand and culture.

Allow and trust your company’s culture to shine. Whether it be through text, images and video, the unique character of what makes your culture special is the reason why people will buy from you and not your competitors.   Inbound content marketing has a distinct advantage by attracting prospective customers through online thought-leadership (You are expert in your industry, let it come out).

I create and mange several company websites and develop content (including PowerPoint presentations embedded with video, email newsletters including embedded interviews of vendors and thought leadership).

  • Technical Skills: Wordpress, Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks
  • Video Production and Editing: Adobe Premiere, Camtasia