Post Ride Elbow Pain

Rough RoadRough road ahead.

Riding longer distances have been great fun on the weekends, but what I didn’t expect was having sharp elbow pain radiating out to my right hand; my three fingers (pinky, ring and middle fingers) were tingly and I know what nerve compression feels like because I’ve experience Carpal Tunnel before as a dental hygienist. I’ve had to reduce my hours of work, change my sleeping habits (I slept with wrists cocked downwards) and stopped windsurfing. I wanted to avoid surgery.

This particular pain feels different and it didn’t immediately appear during last Saturday’s ride, but after that jarring route through the farm lands I must have held my grip too tightly causing nerve compression. What could be causing this besides griping my handlebar too tightly? I am varying my hand positions but I’ve never had this elbow pain before.

Ulnar painSo, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, this Cubital Tunnel Syndrome can be caused by “repetitive or prolonged activities that require the elbow to be bent or flexed”.


I will try my best to rest and not ride my bike or bend my right arm, although it is difficult not to use the computer or mobile phone.

mummificationI am joking about this above image being a cure. Just a desperate attempt to help relieve some pain so I may ride this coming weekend. In the meanwhile, I hope you’ll leave a message and tell me what your rough experiences have been when riding long distances.