It’s The Terrifying Gamifying Email App! ( Using data visualization + game mechanics)

From our graduate level gaming course (yes, you heard that right!) we created a practical idea of irradiating the awful accumulation of the dread email. Yes, our email game is sure to bring more anxiety if you don’t clean out your inbox regularly!

Research and Development Proposal Prepared by: Jeff Barr, Corey Murata & Lynne Watanabe (and my daughter drew the monster)
COM 569: Communication in Video Games and Virtual Worlds

We propose to develop an email client interface that uses layers of data visualization and game mechanics. The client will make it easier for the user to identify high priority email that needs to be addressed and make strategic decisions about how best to use their time to attend to email. Additionally, the game mechanic will provide immediate feedback and gratification to the user to encourage them to continue working on their email. Finally a social component will allow the user to share their success at ‘battling’ their inbox with their friends on social networks.