Case Study: Strategic Research & Development Proposal for EPA

Strategic Research & Business Practice

As the digital media revolution turns communication upside down, it also poses new challenges with how to strategically plan, propose, and assess the deployment of these new platforms. Our group client was the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We designed a solution to engage the general public about the effects of climate change. The goal was to reach specific population segments to help understand and engage them in conversation about the effects of climate change in their neighborhood. We created a social media plan surrounding an app which was developed for this project.

Here is the video which features the “Cirrus” app; a working prototype was developed for this project for the iPhone. By confronting a real-world communication challenge we used storytelling, social media and business methodologies to define and frame the “problem” presented by the client and used appropriate research tools for an effective strategy. This was our multimedia presentation for our client.

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